Laundry bags

Laundry Bags are great for packing your clothes for a long trip, and preventing unwanted wrinkling. Laundry bags are also perfect for keeping your clothes neat and presentable for when you have an important date or meeting.

Keep dust and lint off garments by keeping them covered, even in short term storage. Available as shoulder cover that protects one or two items, long suit bag and long dress bag. Crystal clear, heavy gauge vinyl let's you easily see what's inside, and the gusseted style helps them fit better over bulky items! Laundry bags make them dust and lint proof.

Laundry Bags on a roll

Rolls of clear, 70 gauge gusseted polythene, perforated for easy tear-off with a shaped top. 83cm (24 in.) wide and available in three lengths:

  • 91cm (36 in.) supplied on a roll of approximately 650 bags
  • 120cm (48 in.) supplied on a roll of approximately 500 bags
  • 152 cm (60 in.) supplied on a roll of approximately 400 bags

How it is made?

Most 'Pallet & Garment covers' are made from polyethylene; mostly from Low density polythene, which is made from crude oil and natural gas, non-renewable resources.
The most common way to produce 'polythene pallet or garment covers' is by blown film extrusion, also called the 'tubular film process'. However some pallet film also manufactured using Cast film.

Source: Packagingknowledge - Garment covers and pallet covers

Types of laundry bags

  • Plain Laundry Bag
  • Printed Laundry Bag
  • Printed Duvet Bag
  • Laundry Film

Unique Properties of Laundry Bags

  • economical
  • strong & durable
  • lightweight
  • weather resistant - protects against weather & dust
  • resistance to chemicals
  • make your product or service stands out

Where to buy

Polybags manufacturers and suppliers of the garment covers and laundry bags: Buy Duvet bags, Lay flat tubing, Polythene bags, Garment covers, Laundry bags, Polybags with Free UK Delivery.
Polybags - Laundry bags

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